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Headquartered in Mount Olive, New Jersey, U.S., Mars Chocolate is one of the world’s leading chocolate manufacturers and employs more than 16,000 Associates across 21 countries. Mars Chocolate features 29 brands in total, including five billion-dollar global brands: M&M’S®, SNICKERS®, DOVE®/GALAXY®, MARS®/MILKY WAY® and TWIX® Candy.


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Available in whole milk and dark chocolate varieties, the moist, tender coconut in Bounty Candy tempts your senses with the taste of paradise.


Chocolate was first to bring together a selection of well-loved brands in miniature. With the mix of everyone's favorites, CELEBRATIONS® is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for any occasion.


The lighter way to enjoy chocolate
MALTESERS® are a little bit of naughtiness, but with a light hearted personality and a lot of fun. Under the delicious milk chocolate layer you will find a light, crispy honeycombed center that melts in your mouth. MALTESERS® are available in Denmark and Sweden. Enjoy the lightness.


A chocolate bar whose success is out of this world
The original chocolate bar created by Forrest Mars in 1932. MARS® bars are sold worldwide and are an icon in the confectionery industry. A delicious fusion of chocolate, caramel and nougat has been rewarding and restoring people for generations. The perfect combination to really enjoy. MARS® - Work, Rest and Play your part
Your favourite brand is also available as ice cream.

Milky Way

The chocolate bar with a light, delicious filling!
The MILKY WAY® bar is the combination of a tasteful light nougat center covered in milk chocolate.


Can’t resist M&M’S®
M&M'S® have been one of the most famous candy treats in the world since 1941. The snack-sized pieces of chocolate in a colorful candy shell are instantly recognizable all over the globe.


The world’s best-selling chocolate bar
When you’re hungry you’re not on your game, not yourself. SNICKERS® is a bar of substance that sorts you out. Crammed with peanuts, caramel and nougat then coated with milk chocolate, SNICKERS® quickly became one of the world's favorite treats after its introduction in 1930. And, some 80 years later, it is still at the top!
Your favourite brand is also available as ice cream.



Twix® brings you simple joy, twice.
TWIX® is immensely popular as a small in-between treat. Three simple ingredients...crunchy biscuit - oven baked to perfection, golden caramel and smooth milk chocolate combined into a delicious bar. TWIX® allows you to savor twice each time, taking the time to enjoy simple pleasures.
TWIX® is also available as ice cream in Finland.

At Mars, chocolate is a part of our history, and it’s one of our favorite treats.

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